About Us

Welcome to Franklin Mennonite Conference!

Franklin Mennonite Conference is an independent Mennonite conference with historic ties to the Mennonite Church and Mennonite Church USA.  We represent 14 congregations in south central Pennsylvania and western Maryland.

Our Vision:

God calls us to be followers of Christ, and by the power of the Holy Spirit, to grow as communities of grace, joy and peace, so that God’s healing and hope flow through us to the world.

Our Mission:

Franklin Mennonite Conference shall…

  1. Assist congregations to be faithful disciples of Jesus, following the Bible, God’s Word – reflecting His love and holiness for the world to see.
  2. Assist congregations to live in a loving supporting community,, demonstrating our love for each other.
  3. Assist congregations to relate to the world with love and compassion explaining clearly to all people that Jesus came to this world, died and rose again that they might live.
  4. Provide opportunities for the leadership of our congregations to fellowship and share times of worship, inspiration and discussion of Biblical doctrines and issues relating to the work of the church.
  5. Provide procedures by which congregations secure adequate leadership with appropriate supervision and coordination.
  6. Exercise scriptural discipline by brotherly counsel and consensus of conviction in order to maintain the unity and vitality of the church.
  7. Serve as a liaison between congregations and church wide boards and agencies.