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The Groff’s Blog Stay current with the Galen and Phyllis Groff’s work in Central America by reading their blog.

Franklin Mennonite Mission Board (FMMB) exists to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ at home and abroad as we are led by the Holy Spirit. The FMMB supports missionary efforts through Eastern Mennonite Missions in Belize, Cambodia, Guatemala, Indonesia and India.

Board Members
President – Paul Holderman, Marion
Vice-President – Isaac Burkholder, Marion
Secretary – Tim Widmer, Community
Treasurer – Roger Eshleman, Marion
Fifth Member – Cherina Shank, Marion

The purpose of FMMB is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ locally and around the world.

  • By encouraging every Christian to be a bold witness to their faith.
  • By encouraging each congregation to consider how they can be a witness in their community by looking for opportunities of social service and spiritual ministry.
  • By being ready to help a congregation in its outreach programs when extra resources are needed.