Upcoming Events

School for Disciples – Saturday Morning Classes from January 26 to February 23

There is no registration fee, courses are offered on a donation basis.

2019 Courses:

  • Mental Health First Aid Training
  • Elijah House Prayer Counseling Training
  • Lessons from Proverbs
  • Financial Coaching
  • End of Life Planning
  • Social Media and the Adolescent Brain

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2019 Conference Events

January 7, 1:00pmQuarterly Minister's Meeting
January 13, 7:00pmMission Board Meeting
February 11, 9:30amPastor Peer
March 3, 8:30amDistrict Board Meeting
March 10, 9:30amPastor Peer
March 26, 6:30pmSpring Delegate Meeting
March 29Spring Missionary Conference
April 3-4LMC Celebration of Church Life
April 7, 1:00pmQuarterly Ministers Meeting
April 13, 7:00pmMission Board Meeting
April 14, 9:30amPastor Peer
April 24-26Leadership Retreat
May 12, 9:30amPastor Peer
June 2, 8:30amDistrict Board Meeting
June 9, 9:30amPastor Peer
July 7, 1:00pmQuarterly Ministers Meeting
July 13, 7:00pmMission Board Meeting
September 1, 8:30amDistrict Board Meeting
September 8, 9:30amPastor Peer
September 26LMC Fall Leadership Assembly
October 12, 9:30amPastor Peer
October 13, 7:00pmMission Board Meeting
November 10, 9:30amPastor Peer
November 12, 6:30pmFall Delegate Meeting
November 15Annual Meeting
December 1, 8:30amDistrict Board Meeting
December 8, 9:30amPastor Peer