For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ. 1 Corinthians 3:11

Historical Highlights

1738 – the first Mennonites settle in the Cumberland Valley immigrating from Lancaster County, PA

1792 – the first Mennonite meetinghouse in the Cumberland Valley was built (Mt. Zion a.k.a. Housers Mennonite)

1832-39 – Washington-Franklin Conference begins holding its own Conference separate from Lancaster Conference

1915 – Franklin Mennonite Conference Mission Board is established

1957 – Washington-Franklin Historical Committee was formed

1965 – Washington-Franklin Conference divides into Washington-Franklin Conference (North) and Washington-Franklin Conference (South)

1970 – Washington-Franklin (North) joins the Mennonite Church General Assembly

1980 – Washington-Franklin (North) is renamed Franklin Mennonite Conference

2001 – Franklin Mennonite Conference becomes a provisional member of the Mennonite Church USA

2004 – Franklin Mennonite Conference becomes a full member of Mennonite Church USA

2016 – Franklin Mennonite Conference delegates vote to withdraw from Mennonite Church USA.

Source:  Building On The Gospel Foundation: The Mennonite of Franklin County, Pennsylvania and Washington County, Maryland 1730-1970 by Edsel Burdge Jr. & Samuel L. Horst

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